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SmartProcure just keeps getting better.

Here are the very latest features and updates.

Introducing our new agency "Request for Quote" feature.

August 04, 2016

Note this feature is only available for our agency clients at this time.

We have an enhanced version of our Request Quote feature for agencies that can be accessed by clicking on "Request Quote" on the top title bar.  This feature allows agencies to easily submit requests for quotes from vendors based on search results for specific products or services they are interested in.


After clicking on "Request Quote" you are presented with a Request Form that you can quickly fill out to start getting quotes from vendors on items you want.

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Organization and Tagged Saved Searches

August 01, 2016

We've just added an organization level saved search view and the ability to "tag" your saved searches.

When you click on "Saved" and are viewing your saved searches you will now see additional buttons for your organization and for your own saved searches. The organization view is a saved search list that everyone in your company or agency can view together. The second button is for the searches you have personally saved and are only visible to you.

(Note you will actually see the name of your organization and your own name on these buttons).



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Major Enhancements to Search

July 15, 2016

Search Wizards

We've added "Search Wizards" to allow you to quickly find things that are most commonly searched.  Just click on the type of search you're interested in and we'll walk you through the search by asking a few simple questions before displaying your search results.  Search Wizards are designed to find the most accurate search results possible. 


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Location Filters Hint

March 17, 2016

A quick hint for using the agency and vendor location filters.


Did you know that you can enter anything in the location filter that you would use in google maps? You can enter an address, city, state, county, zip code or other identifiers like business names.

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Yes/No options for filters.

March 10, 2016

A new update has been made for filters that contain yes/no type options (such as "Federal Veteran Owned Business" or "Federal Minority Owned Business").

Under each of these types of filter options you will now see a yes/no selection box that allows you to filter your search appropriately. 

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A few more updates...

March 10, 2016

We've made some exciting changes to the website to improve your experience.  Line Item descriptions are now selectable from the field drop down search so you can narrow your search more effectively.  The filter eraser icon is back by popular demand, and you can now see the total amount spent on your search results at the top left of the spend tab.

See below for more details.

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What's new in SmartProcure

February 15, 2016

SmartProcure “What’s New” Updates:

New updates have been made to the website, that have some important user interface as well as behind the scenes functional changes that we are very excited about.  The user experience will be much more intuitive and simpler, while providing more actionable information.

We’ve also made changes to clean up how names of companies are stored in our database. You will notice now that you will not see “Inc.” or “LLC” in company names. This change will help you streamline queries and find relevant information much faster.

One of the first changes you will notice are new tabs for Items, Agencies, Vendors, Prices and Spend.


In the new system everything is shown on an item basis (instead of purchase orders). All of the charts and graphs and search results are now specific to the item on the purchase order that matches your search.   

As shown in the image below, only the line items that match the query are shown. If desired, you can still view the purchase order by clicking on the line item description.

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SmartProcure New Software Release

February 11, 2016


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252 Government Agencies Added in November 2015

December 15, 2015


252 Government Agencies joined the SmartProcure database in November 2015.  Click the link to see the entire list.

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Learn about What's New

December 15, 2015

We're constantly releasing new features.  In an effort to improve communication with our users, we'll now notify you via email when a new feature is released.  In addition, when you're logged into the application, you'll see a red circle with a number indicating the number of new features added since your last login.   


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Get Better Search Results with Field Groups

December 15, 2015


In order to help our clients create more effective searches, we're allowing them to search within selected groups or fields (without having to remember all the strange field names).   

For example, most of our clients want to search for part numbers or product names.   Now they can limit their searches to only include the core Purchase Order and Line Item description fields (i.e. not addresses, various federal fields, etc) by using the "Any Description Field" dropdown on the Dashboard.

Alternatively, if they are looking for a specific vendor or agency, they can limit the search to the Vendor Name or Agency Name field (no more searching for a vendor name and finding matching PO's because the vendor name is in an address field).

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View and Update Billing Information Directly on the Website

December 15, 2015

billing-info.gifYou can now view subscription information, update billing information and download previous invoices by clicking on your name in SmartProcure and selecting “Billing”

Did you also know, you can add your accounts payable person to SmartProcure at no charge so they can access billing information.  Add a new user in "Settings" and leave the Search permission unchecked - you won’t need a paid license for that user and they’ll have access to billing information, but not search capabilities.  You can always contact your Client Services Manager who can assist. 

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Add Calendar Reminders with Links to PO's and Agencies

December 15, 2015

The "Add to Calendar" function has been added to the purchase order and agency pages. Clicking on the "Add to Calendar" button will allow you to schedule a calendar event (Apple, Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendars) related to the Purchase Order or Agency for future follow up (calls, emails, task assignments, etc..).


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Live Chat with a Client Service Manager

December 15, 2015


Need to speak to your Client Services Manager right away? You can now join a live chat through your SmartProcure account. Just click on your name in SmartProcure and select "Live Help Chat."

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Security Enhancement to Prevent Multiple Logins

December 15, 2015

For enhanced security, when a user logs into SmartProcure on a new device, the system will automatically logout the user from other devices. The following error message is displayed on the prior device.


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Practice Over Process for Better Government Buying

October 12, 2015

No secret that technologies transforming how we live and work often elude the practices of government. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way government buys things.

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It Takes a Village to Make a Better Village

May 12, 2015

Love or hate our government, the fact is, like the families we’re born into, it’s ours.

And, like family, we have a duty to nurture it, to care for it, and to help it grow into the best version of itself.

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April 2015 Product Updates

April 15, 2015

We're constantly improving our application in order to make government transactions easier for vendors and agencies. Here is what's new in SmartProcure so far: 

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Becoming Sole Source

August 20, 2014

Could being the sole source hurt you? While it certainly depends on the situation, being the sole source solution can create many obstacles now that government agencies are bringing so much focus on pricing and value. Why? It is hard to make a case for best price and value when there is nothing to compare it to. Government agencies, therefore, generally try to avoid sole source solutions, and they usually donít like it when they have to go with a sole source.

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California Selling Guide

July 31, 2014

The Basics: Starting Your Business in California

If you haven’t registered with the California Secretary of State’s office, then do this first.

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5 Reasons Not to Move Forward with an RFP

June 20, 2014

In a prior article, “5 Great Reasons to Move Forward with an RFP,” you read a list of things that you should look for that could essentially green-light your efforts towards pursuing an RFP. On the flip side, here’s a list of things to look out for in an RFP that point towards the likelihood that you won’t win, and that your time might be better spent searching for better, more winnable awards.

You Weren’t Involved in the Process of Writing the Solicitation. Writing a solicitation is usually a long process lasting several months and involving many agency officials as well as input gathered from vendors at various information gathering meetings and procurement events. If your business has not been present at these meetings or events then you may be at a great disadvantaged when the time comes for a buyer to award a contract. Getting involved with writing a solicitation gives vendors insight towards what an agency aims to achieve with the procurement. Quite often, by the time an RFP has been released it has been shaped in such a way to favor just a few vendors. If you were out of the loop when the solicitation was being written then it’s probably a good idea to sit it out.

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5 Great Reasons to Move Forward with an RFP

May 18, 2014

So there’s an RFP waiting for you at your desk and instead of being excited for the prospect of expanding your business into the government market you’re overwhelmed with questions about the costs of bidding, profit margin, your chances of winning and even why it is you’ve received the RFP in the first place. Here’s some news: you’re not alone.

It’s actually quite common for vendors to receive unsolicited RFPs from government agencies – this starts happening as soon as a vendor registers with databases used by government agencies at every level to identify prospective sellers and increase participation and competition. The problem with this is that when government agencies do this en masse, a vendor will receive an RFP that it doesn’t have much of a chance of winning, thus putting it at risk of investing too many of its hours and resources on a fruitless venture.

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Latest Government Agencies Added to SmartProcure.

April 17, 2014


SmartProcure's proud to announce that it's database of local, state, and federal agencies grew by 286 agencies last month.

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To Name Your Price Is To Know Your Price: SmartProcure Brings Data Sharing To Public Procurement

March 28, 2014

So you need some work done that you’ve never had done before or you need to buy something you’ve never bought before. What should you pay? That can be a tough question. What seems reasonable? Sometimes we set arbitrary rules. It’s OK if it’s under $50 or under $100. But that’s just a reassurance that you’re not getting ripped off too badly. Certainly the best way to avoid that outcome is to know how much that service or thing is worth, or at least know what others have paid for the same thing.

Fortunately now, in the age of the customer, that’s easier to find out. Price information for most consumer goods is easier to come by, making the buying process more efficient. But what about governments? We’ve all heard about the $600 toilet seat or the $400 hammer. Stories of government spending excess and mismanagement abound. Some are urban legends or misrepresentations. Others have legs — such as the recent reports of Boeing overcharging the US Army. While these incidents are likely not things of the past, open data initiatives have made significant progress in exposing spending data and improving transparency. Citizens can visit sites such as USAspending.govfor US federal government spending or "Where Does My Money Go?" for details on UK national government spending, and most large cities publish spending as well.

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March 2014: Latest Government Agencies Added to SmartProcure's Database

March 10, 2014

Purchasing data for 32 new government agencies

SmartProcure’s database of local, state, and federal agencies never stops growing. Here are the 32 new agencies that are now sharing their purchasing data in an effort to improve government procurement.

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